Shea seeds contain a kernel that contains two oil seeds that are crushed after removing the peel from them, and boiled in water, so the butter floats to the top, and then becomes solid, which has many benefits. 

It is useful for cases of arthritis, burns, dandruff, psoriasis, insect bites, and rashes, eczema, and many others, and it can also be used in cooking, and in cosmetic products, as it helps moisturize dry skin, and it also contains substances that reduce skin swelling. 

Dos Lunas offers you an attractive bag that contains seven masks with extracts of shea butter due to the high content in shea butter of fatty acids and vitamins, this makes it an ideal product for cosmetic products, softening the skin, in addition to many other benefits, including its anti-inflammatory properties, as it calms the skin, It reduces redness and swelling, and the high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin K in shea butter helps speed up the healing process of the skin.

The use of Dos Lunas Shea Butter Mask also helps in moisturizing the skin, as the moisturizing properties of shea butter make the skin texture soft and moist, as this moisturizing takes several hours, unlike other moisturizers whose moisturizing lasts an hour or less.

It is anti-aging: Shea butter contains high levels of oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids, which combat the effect of environmental toxins on skin cells to obtain healthy new cells, and it supports skin texture, and the vitamin E in shea butter protects the skin from UV damage.  

In the treatment of acne: it contains many fatty acids that promote healing and treat acne, and it also treats rashes, stretch marks, burns, frost bites, insect bites, athletes’ feet, and spots on the skin.

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    It can be used before shaving: applying shea butter a day before shaving helps reduce itching and irritation caused by shaving, and makes hair easy to shave.

    It contributes to reducing stretch marks and cracks: which occur as a result of the skin’s loss of elasticity, or as a result of obesity that leads to skin ruptures, or weight loss; Due to the stretching of the skin beyond the limits of elasticity, which leads to the skin tearing, leaving scars known as stretch marks.

    And in the treatment of some skin diseases: it is used to treat eczema and other diseases resulting from dermatitis; It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps treat rashes.

    Shea Butter face masks from Dos Lunas are suitable for sensitive skin as well as dry skin.

    We recommend that you try Dos Lunas Shea Butter Masks to enjoy unlimited hydration that lasts for hours.

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