Repair and promote hair growth, leaving it strong and healthy.

Hair grows at a relatively constant rate of 1 cm each month. If your hair is about shoulder-length, it’s about two years old. And you must know if you expose your hair to damage through excessive heat, excessive styling, or poor nutrition, it will cause it to break.

This means that the best way to achieve perfect hair length is to keep your scalp in good condition and protect your hair from damage and breakage.

The main point of protecting your hair is ensuring it gets enough moisture. Without this hydration, your strands will be more susceptible to damage, breakage, and resistance to harmful elements.

Dos Lunas Argan Shampoo is designed to do two things in one range – it moisturizes your scalp to ensure building the perfect healthy foundation for hair growth while also moisturizing your hair to avoid breakage it reduces flaking, nourishes the scalp, and repairs damage.

By using this shampoo and conditioner from Dos Lunas regularly, your hair will look 10 years younger!

Argan Oil: The Secret to a Healthy Scalp!

Argan oil is taken from the argan tree, which is abundant in Morocco. It is extracted from grains and contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids. These beneficial ingredients keep skin and hair moisturized, shiny and smooth, despite the harsh climate we live in. This oil also has a long history of use in cooking and body care products. However, edible argan oil is extracted differently from the one used in cosmetics. In addition, it is one of the most expensive types of oils. The edible oil is not only delicious but also has many notable health benefits, such as boosting the immune system.

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    Argan oil contains many beneficial ingredients that treat a dry scalp, allowing it to breathe, giving a feeling of freshness, and keeping it moisturized and clean.

    And when you start having frizz-free hair, with smoother texture and stronger strands, you’ll have control over it again.

    Dos Lunas Argan Shampoo is specially formulated to repair and promote hair growth, leaving it strong and healthy.

    Suitable for all hair types, especially curly hair.

    How to use argan shampoo?

    Apply a little to a wet scalp and enjoy abundant lather and softness to touch quickly with a fragrant fragrance that lasts after washing hair with water.

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